Design colorblind-friendly maps

Textures, patterns, and shapes that make web maps work for people with color vision deficiency. Built for Mapbox GL and MapLibre GL.

Accessible styles for all geometry types

TextureMap includes resources for polygon, line, and point data. Every style can be modified to match your color palette and adapt to the specific needs of your map.

  • Screenshot of TextureMap applied to polygons


    Shape up your polygon layers by offering an accessibility-boosting pattern fill

  • Screenshot of TextureMap applied to lines


    Make your lines visually distinct with a mix of dashes and gaps

  • Screenshot of TextureMap applied to points


    Replace circle markers with a variety of simple, recognizable geometric shapes

Make your map more useful

Approximately 300 million people—or 4.5% of the global population—have a form of color vision deficiency (the inability to distinguish certain shades of color). Complex maps that depend exclusively on color to symbolize categorical data can be frustrating, if not impossible, to read.

According to Designing Maps for the Colour-Vision Impaired by Bernhard Jenny and Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso:

To avoid problematic colour combinations, the cartographer should use colours with strong contrast and supplemental visual variables, such as shape, size, and pattern variations to allow all readers to discern and directly interpret a symbol without consulting a legend"

TextureMap gives you everything you need to start adding textures, patterns, and shapes to your maps in minutes.

A collage of three photos intended: one photo of a hand holding a phone displaying a map, one photo of a woman holding a paper map, one photo of a close up paper map